Tuesday 12 July 2016

The Owl, the Pussycat and Personal Pronouns

A few weeks in the making and our new interactive school workshop is in shape featuring poetry, dance and music - centred around the work of Edward Lear.  The full workshop takes about half an hour.

Year 2 (6 and 7 years olds) completed their SATS tests this Spring.  And before this they learnt, all together, "The Owl And The Pussycat".  I loved hearing the whole class repeating this poem together, they did some great actions too.  

So, if personal pronouns were a feature of the SATS grammar tests...then no worries here. There are no personal pronouns in this poem.  Which makes it all the more enigmatic...

I like the rhythm of the poem.  I created a backing track, which I think has a bit of a bossa nova lilt. Isobel is narrating the text.

BELOW: Link to a draft recording of this project, using voice, piano and shruti box.  Please 'like' and comment: 

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