Thursday, 1 August 2013

Deep Water In A Heatwave

DEEP WATER 17th July 2013

It was hot outside, but cool in Saint Stephens.  
Many thanks to our large and lovely audience 
and our participants.  Here are some extracts from
this first public performance of 'Deep Water'.

February 2014: 'Deep Water' is proving itself to be
 successful schools' performance.  Please ask us for teachers' 
 feedback and any further information we can offer.

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

WALKING BASS - New project comes out of the woodwork

walking bass...

We're pulling out the stops to get a new project off the ground.

Yes, I'm practising organ drones and ground bass, and enormous fun it is too. Playing barefooted - because I'm doing a bit of dance in the bit preceding.  You'll see when it all comes together. 

Working Title..."Lament - New Expressions In Baroque".   The place: Saint Stephens,  BS1 1EQ, UK.

Update 23rd May 2013:  Well, it did all come together.  We cameo'd our "New Expressions in Baroque", complete with physical theatre and great lighting, in conjunction with Trinity Centre, Bristol, as part of Ithaca Axis - a massive city-wide promenade theatre production.  Eleven nights in all, through April and May - much fun and entertainment for all.  

And now we're stepping out...a new exploration into watery themes, ancient and modern - it's called "Deep Water".  Keep in touch, we'll post more soon.