Tuesday, 5 February 2013

WALKING BASS - New project comes out of the woodwork

walking bass...

We're pulling out the stops to get a new project off the ground.

Yes, I'm practising organ drones and ground bass, and enormous fun it is too. Playing barefooted - because I'm doing a bit of dance in the bit preceding.  You'll see when it all comes together. 

Working Title..."Lament - New Expressions In Baroque".   The place: Saint Stephens,  BS1 1EQ, UK.

Update 23rd May 2013:  Well, it did all come together.  We cameo'd our "New Expressions in Baroque", complete with physical theatre and great lighting, in conjunction with Trinity Centre, Bristol, as part of Ithaca Axis - a massive city-wide promenade theatre production.  Eleven nights in all, through April and May - much fun and entertainment for all.  

And now we're stepping out...a new exploration into watery themes, ancient and modern - it's called "Deep Water".  Keep in touch, we'll post more soon.