Thursday, 11 May 2017

Thought Bubbles

All workshops are taking place at Victoria Park Baptist Church.
Thoughts and Earworms

- our Bristol City Council funded Emotional Wellbeing project for children and families - is going well.  On Sunday we held a visual arts-based workshop called 'Thought Bubbles'.  People of various ages had a great time making a paint and washing-up liquid mixture, which then translated into wonderful bubble paintings. 

We've created work that'll go on the walls in time for our presentation of *live music and dance*, which we look forward to showing on Sunday 9th July.


Coming soon to the EWF Children & Families 'Thoughts and Earworms' project :
'Thought Paintings', a visual arts workshop using acrylics and oils.  For example: the bird in the picture BELOW feels lonely.   There's an open padlock, made of gold, with a rusty chain which, to the outside eye, might represent freedom.  But sometimes feelings are so strong, we cannot escape them. We understand how feelings are not always bright and happy.  This project - and the things we are discussing - has been endorsed by the organisations below:

A lonely bird standing in dirty dark surroundings with a broken padlock and rusty chain nearby
Lonely Bird from original by JJ

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